Sunday, 21 August 2011


So, as the Summer Holidays draw to a close, I begin to turn my sights to the next holiday - Christmas.

I love Christmas.

Christmas is a time when I can craft to my heart's content in the weeks coming up, but what's more is it can be spread over many months. And I always do.
I'm a bit late this year, in starting, I usually start in July, but now is the time to start making Christmas presents and decorations and cards. There are a few birthdays between now and then, but they're easily covered and I'm nearly completely prepared for them.
I will update on the various crafts I make throughout the upcoming months, and I thoroughly look forward to creating a myriad of wonderful things!
Merry Christmas!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Slytherin Card

This Craft Tutorial is also on The Leaky Cauldron Crafts, here:
But will be posted here as well.
A5 Green card
A6 grey card
Scrap pieces of red cardGlueLetter stickers
Fold the A5 Green card in half.
From the A6 Grey card, cut a snake shape that curls into an ‘S’.
Stick the snake shape on the card.
From the red card, cut two small ovals and stick them onto the snakes head. These are the eyes.
Using letter stickers, write Slytherin round one of the snake’s curves.

Ravenclaw card

This is another Craft Tutorial that I created for The Leaky Cauldron Crafts as seen here:
But I will also post it here for easy access.
A5 Blue card
Blue feathers
Scrap pieces of blue card
Glue/ sticky tape/ foam squares
Letter stickers


Fold the A5 Blue card in half.
Attach 3 blue feathers to the front of the card.
 On one piece of blue card, quote the sorting hat when talking about Ravenclaw using letter stickers.
Matt the first blue piece with another.
Stick the quote above the end of the feathers

Hogwarts House Hair Clips

This is a Craft Tutorial that I made for The Leaky Cauldron Crafts, as shown here:
But I will also post it here because I'm bored.


1 sheet of felt for the shield/ background (red, green, blue, yellow)
1 sheet of fabric for the detail (yellow, grey, bronze/grey, black)
Thread (in colours of either your detail felt or background felt)


Lay your hair clip on the back ground felt. Cut a shield shape around it with plenty of room.
Cut another shield shape so that you have two.
From the detail fabric, cut the first letter of the house you’re making the hairclip for, for example ‘R’ and the shape of a golden snitch.
Pin detail to one shield.
Sew detail onto that shield.
On the second shield, cut a small slit so that the back of the clip can come out from the inside.
Take the two shields. Remove the clip from the slot and place both shields right sides together (detail inwards). Sew around the curved parts of the shields.

Turn the shields right way out. Slide the hair clip so that the end hangs out. Sew the top closed.


A Dobby Christmas Card

In Memory of Dobby, A Free Elf

This is a Craft Tutorial on how to make this card, which I made for my best friend for Christmas last year:

Card:A5 Green CardA6 Brown paperScrap Green cardBrown Pencil  Christmas Greeting
Insert:Brown paper the same colour as Dobby on the front, slightly smaller than A6Green PenBrown Pencil

Fold the Green Card in half to produce an A6 Card Blank.
Cut from the A6 Brown paper a shape of half of Dobby’s face, roughly triangular with one of his ears.
Cut a circle from the Green scrap card and draw a smaller circle for Dobby’s pupil in it.
Using the Brown pencil, tinge all of the edges around Dobby’s face and draw on his nose, mouth and ear contours
Stick Your Dobby to the front of the Green card blank and add a Christmas Greeting.

Fold the Brown paper in half and stick into the card.
Using the Green pen, on the left hand side of the paper, write ‘Dobby says, “Merry Christmas!”’
If you want, draw a small picture of Dobby in the corner.

Monday, 15 August 2011

First Post

This is my first post today. Well, in fact, ever. This blog is going to be about various crafty things, all from me, a Ravenclaw. I do cardmaking, knitting and sewing mainly, so this blog will most likely feature around these three topics.