Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Owl 1

This is an Owl Square. I plan on doing 4 of these, but in different colours. This one is mottled brown.
The pattern is NOT mine,  and I take no credit for it, but it can be found at this web address:

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


A Dragon Square!
This was another pattern that I found on the internet, so I take no credit for the design, it goes entirely to the owner. Design found at:

Weasley Jumper

Another square! This one is the flat form of the front of a hand-knitted Weasley Jumper, completed in my preferred colours, and with my initial.
This again was a case of 30 cast on stitches, knit in stockinette until square, with the initial embroidered to the front. I am not comfortable with intarsia at the moment, I need practise, so perhaps this could help at a later date.

Stag Patronus

Another One knitted square for my quilt! This time it takes the form of a white stag patronus:
This was a pattern that I found at the below website address. I take no credit for the design of this one and it goes entirely to the owner who was very kind to share her pattern on the internet. Thank you :)

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes

Not the first one I knitted, but the first that sticks in My brain. Probably due to the colours.
This was done by casting on 30 stitches in the orange, and working stockinette stitch until I ran out of Orange wool. I then divided the remaining width to make it square by two, joined purple wool at the top and bottom of the orange and knitted 6 rows of purple at each end. I then embroidered The WWW logo onto the centre of the orange.

1 square down on the quilt!

My Harry Potter Knitted Quilt/Blanket/Afghan

As my humongous long-term project for knitting, I am going to try and make a Harry Potter quilt/blanket/afghan. But, for the purposes of simplicity, I will call it a quilt.

Each square is 30 stitches by however-many-rows square. A lot of them will be designed and or improvised by me. It is a daunting prospect - I haven't quite decided if it will be 100 squares or 144 squares yet, but I will see how it progresses!