Sunday, 2 November 2014

Art Class

This is a scrapbook page that is rather different to what I usually create. This is mainly due to the fact that there isn't a piece of white card in sight! Instead I've gone for this wacky, chevron-esque background paper which came free with a magazine last year. I feel that the bold pattern and bright colours helped to symbolise just how much fun the class was, and the bright bubbly people that were in it.

I've also tucked a tag into the layout so that I can write down my thoughts, without getting lost among the patterns and the picture.

I really like using bold letter stickers, but they're quite difficult to find around where I live. I feel that a good title can make a page completely. I'm also now thinking of having a completely separate scrapbook for school things, as I have so many photos from the past 13 years of being in school, and I'm feeling nostalgic now, having finished for good.

Have you scrapbooked any school things?