Friday, 29 November 2013


This one is plain and simple, and the cold blues go well with the white.

White Card Blank
Circle embellishments
Border with words

1) Attach the border across the lowest third of the card blank using glue. Make sure that the writing is fully visible, as this will act as your sentiment.

2) Arrange the two circles on the card and glue down as well.

Ta da! So Simple, yet effective

Number of items used from stash: 3
Circles, border

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Deck the halls...

...with boughs of holly!

A running theme that may start to occur with my cards is their simplicity. I find these sorts of ideas great if there are a lot of cards to make, or if you want a quick repeat design.

White Card Blank
Patterned paper
Outline Sticker Sentiment

1) Cut the patterned paper to half of the card blank. I chose this one as the holly appeared to hang from the centre. Adhere to the lower half of the card.

2) Tie a Coordinating ribbon into a bow across the front of the card, covering up the paper join.

3) Add an outline sticker sentiment on the plain top half  of the card.


Number of items used from stash: 3
Paper, Ribbon, Sticker

Monday, 25 November 2013


More Christmas Cards this week! Yay!

White Card Blank
Paper Scraps: I had some handmade paper and that silver sort of netting stuff....
Paper Embellishments
Chipboard Sentiment
Foam Pads

1) Tear the handmade paper to fit onto the card blank. I found that using a paintbrush and water worked well. Glue down.

2)Tie the ribbon to the edges of the Chipboard sentiment and add foam pads.

3) Arrange the other elements to the card and stick down.

4) Adhere the chipboard sentiment with the foam pads.

Ta da!

Number of items used from stash: 6
Paper, Net, Snowflake, Star, Sentiment, Ribbon

Sunday, 24 November 2013


This one is inspired by this card, and I love how simple it is! And, just one month to go! EEK!

White Card Blank
Bauble Die Cuts
Foam Pads
Black Pen
Corner Rounder

1) Using foam pads, arrange the two baubles on the front of the card.

2) Draw black lines for string and write greeting below.

3) Round corners of the card blank.

Ta da!

Number of items used from stash: 2
Bauble die cuts.

Friday, 22 November 2013


Another Christmas card to brighten up your November!

Square white card blank
Patterned paper
Ribbon bow
Card Scrap
Gold outline stickers

1) Trim patterned paper so that it sits with a 1cm border on the card blank. Glue down.

2) Wrap a ribbon bow (I kept mine from an old bunch of flowers) around one side of the card, and fix to the inside of the card using your preferred method (I like sticky tape).

3) Cut out the scrap of white card and round the end corners. Position the outline sticker greeting on it.

4) Glue the sentiment so that the end of the card is underneath the bow of the ribbon.

Ta Da!

Number of items used from stash: 3
Paper, Ribbon, Stickers

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Candy Canes

Hello, Christmas cards again!

Look familiar? It is very similar to this one I did last year. A good example of where multiple ideas can spawn from the same items.

Square White Card blank
White Card
Patterned paper
Candy cane embellishment
Mini 'Christmas' tag
Foam pads

1) Trim the spare white card to a 10cm square.

2) Across one side, wrap the ribbon and secure at the back in your preferred method.

3) Attach the Candy Cane embellishment above the ribbon.

4) Adhere the mini tag where the candy cane crosses the ribbon.

5) Trim the patterned paper to a 13cm square, and glue onto the card front. Centre and attach the decorative panel using foam pads.

Ta Da!

Number of items used from stash: 4
Embellishment, Tag, Ribbon, Paper

Monday, 18 November 2013

Purple Snowflakes

Another Card to show you! Hoorah! 

This one turned out much better than I had expected. I'm usually pretty dire at anything like stamping, but this turned out really well, so smiles all round!

White Card Blank
Pink and White card
Pink Ribbon
Snowflake Embellishment
Snowflake Stamp
Foam adhesive

1) Using your stamp and Ink (my ink was purple), stamp onto the white card to create a background. Trim down to an 8X8cm square, and round the corners.

2) Wrap the ribbon around one side of the patterned card, and secure at the back with your favourite method ( I use tape).

3) Position and adhere your snowflake embellishment on top of the ribbon.

4) Trim the pink card to a 9cm square, and round its corners. Adhere the patterned panel to the pink square using foam pads. Attach all of this to the card blank, also with foampads.

Ta da!

Number of  items used from stash: 4
Snowflake embellishment, ribbon, pink card, stamp & ink

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Red and Gold

This year, I've set myself a challenge. I was only allowed to buy my stash one new thing for all of my Christmas cards. It been pretty tough, but I really like some of the results I've been getting. So I'm going to show you some of the things you can do, and let me know if, like me, you long for your huge pile of craft supplies to diminish (so you have a valid excuse to buy more!).

This one, I hate that the bow is lop-sided, but otherwise I feel it's a rather sophisticated card.

Gold Card Blank
Red Card
Gold patterned vellum (mine says Christmas over it)
Red Ribbon
Red Gems
Double sided tape
Foam Pads

1) Trim the vellum until it measures 9cm X 10cm. Trim the red card to 10cm X 11cm.

2) Matt the vellum onto the red card using double sided tape.

3) Tie a bow with the red ribbon. Use Glue to secure the knot, and cut a pennant into each of the tail ends.

4) Glue the bow to the centre of the vellum piece. Attach this panel to the top of the card using foam pads.

3) Beneath this, glue 3 red gems for detail.

Ta da!

Number of items used from stash: 6
Ribbon,Vellum, Card Blank, Gems

Saturday, 16 November 2013

DIY: Decorated Tealights

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to guest post over at Running with a Glue Gun. I thought today I'd share the DIY I prepared here as well.

 I have these decorated tealights to show you, and they make great last minute gifts, just in time for Christmas. Also the colours and decorations are completely customisable,so you each one can be completely individual!

Tealight candles
Double Sided Tape

Decoration such as gems, bows etc.
Glue Gun, Glue Dots or Super Glue (depending on strength and size)

Step 1: Check that your ribbon is not taller than your tealight, as this could potentially be a fire hazard.

Step 2: Attach enough double sided tape for the circumference of the tealight to the wrong side of the ribbon. Trim to a straight edge

Step 3: Take off the backing of the tape, and wrap around the tealight, trimming once all of the sides are covered

Optional: Decorate your tealights further using small embellishments, but keep in mind the potential hazard of lots of loose fabric.

Ta da!

Friday, 8 November 2013

When we played Catch

Sometimes, you just have to cling to the moments that make you happiest.

I've found this subject very difficult, and I often don't allow myself to be happy. But it's those unconscious slips where I suddenly find myself being happy that I cling to, no matter how short, how spontaneous or how trivial. I want more of them. So they deserve to be documented. In this way,when I fall into a low, I can find them again.

On a Thursday, last thing, we have a form period where various pieces of admin occur. Currently we are preparing Christmas Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. And we had a spare bouncy ball.

It started with me, bouncing it off of the desk.
Then Beth asked me to throw it to her, and we played catch.
Soon there was Mignonne, Nikki and Tom.
Then we tried to get it into the fire bucket.
And we played piggy in the middle.
And then we returned to playing catch, bouncing it off of the cupboard doors.

It sounds far too simple.
But the excitement and sheer concentration, competitiveness and frivolity of us near-adults, over a small, bouncy ball, was somewhat astonishing. The relief it gave over its simplicity broke the trend of the serious nature of A-Levels. I laughed and I smiled, and while others looked on at us thinking us childish, I didn't care. It was fun.
It forces me to acknowledge the friends I have, and to appreciate them for all they're worth, because they are worth far more than me. They see me through all of the guarded, upset,conflicted Rachel, and help to reveal the light-hearted one. 
They are the best people in the world.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Autumn Shades

It's been a while since I first introduced you to my art journalling. I have found that I use it to be the complete opposite to what my A-Level course demands: free, brightly coloured and a general expression of what goes on in my brain. Some of my pages are too personal for me to ever consider sharing, but I hope that you enjoy this selection on the theme of Autumnal, leafy shades!

School is tough, and I am wading my way through coursework, personal statements and physics tests galore, but finding time to craft is difficult. I have, however,started my Christmas Cards and Christmas Gifts,which make me very happy,although I must remember that my sister's birthday comes before the Christmas Holidays, and that means I need to make something at least passable before the week where I hope to make her a Cath Kidston-esque quilt, which if you like, I could show my step by step process. 

I hope to post again soon, but I wonder what this next half term shall bring me!

P.S. While Yes, this past week has been the half term holiday, I have an excuse! I was in Edinburgh! Lots of lovely pictures and I adore the University, so perhaps I'll share some soon!