Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oh Blergh

Yes, after my long silence I reward you with: teenage troubles that have nowhere else to go...

On Thursday I received a cryptic text from one of my friends from school. It read:
'I know someone who likes you.'
Sounds straight forward? Well it should be, but I have received similar messages which end up being completely benign.

Anyway, Friday dawned, and walking to school from the bus, I was ambushed by said friend, where it was announced that this actually wasn't a joke.

*Instant Thoughts Running Through Mind*
Maybe its the guy I like? 
But what if its horrible?
 Or I don't even know him (which isn't hard to imagine, I'm useless with people names and anything else that is used to form memories of people)
This could still turn out to be another joke!

I was then informed that it was someone in my form.

Oh no.

'It' someone who can look up to you'

Great. Short. I know who it is.

I mean he's a good person, and I'd call him a friend, but not in that way. What's worse is that, after other digging, it's been circulating the sixth form centre, and I had no idea. This means, due to some 'independent school guy code' the boy I like probably won't even admit anything until either a) I've turned the other one down or b) the other one finds a new girl to hit on.

Ether way I'm doomed, so I might as well focus on my work.

P.S. I was thinking about changing the purpose of this blog: any free time I have is either minuscule and I'm fuming over something, or I take it up with what little crafting I can do. I just don't want to turn this into a lifestyle blog if no one wants to. I'll get a new blog and let this one go dormant. Let me know what you think.