Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ciao 2013!

I had thought that 2013 was going to be bad. Plain and simply. I did not like the number. The first half was,  and I suffered for it, then having to deal with my disappointment in the summer. But then my Autumn term was fantastic, and I had some of the best people around me, and the best times I've had in a long, long time. 2013 has been about 'building character', and I feel a better person for it.
I have put a decent effort in to this blog this year - I even sustained my August challenge for posting everyday (bar one). And here are some promises I have yet to keep:
1) I will finish my travel scrapbook. I still need to print out photos.
2) My 50 has been extended as part of my 2014 Resolution. I'd love to finish my list.
3) I will again try and post frequently, although A2's are very important, so begin wishing good luck now, if you please!!!
4) This  year I participated in the December Daily Challenge, and I have nearly completed documenting all the way up until Christmas Eve, with hopefully a mini celebration of Christmas at the end. However, I still need to print photos....
2014 will be a year of change again. Next year I should be off to University, to study History. What I have learnt this year is that documenting what goes on, and finding the positives to flick through, is very good for my mentality. This means art journals and Scrapbooks. So hopefully, even if I'm not sharing it here, some form of craftiness will be occurring somewhere in my life.
Thank you for sticking with me for this year, and I hope that 2014 will bring you hope and happiness too.

Friday, 6 December 2013

We Three Kings of Orient are...

...One in a taxi, one in a car.
One on a scooter, blowing its hooter,
Smoking a big Cigar.

I know. I sing wonderfully.

Gold Card blank
Paper scraps in Gold and black
Outline stickers

1) Trim a strip of Gold Card to the same height as the width of the Card Blank. 

2) Arrange three stickers of the headdresses (hats. I prefer hats, but they don't look like hats) onto this gold strip.

3) Attach to a strip of Black card that is the same height but 2cm wider.

4) Glue down the decorated strip, and arrange three sticker diamonds in the bottom corner.

Ta da!

Number of items used from stash: 2
Gold Card, Stickers

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I love glitter,but hate the mess. Glitter outline stickers solve this problem no end.

White Card blank
Glitter stickers

1) Tie the Ribbon into a bow around the bottom of the card blank.

2) Arrange the glitter stickers onto the top half of the card.

Ta da!

Number of items used from stash: 2
Stickers, Ribbon

Monday, 2 December 2013

Button Red

A GREEN Card today...I've mainly been using white card this year, but I began to ran out,so in the spirit of using up my stash, I turned to this colour as well.

Green Card Blank
Patterned paper
Felt star
Corner Rounder

1) Tie the ribbon around the patterned paper so that it forms a bow.

2) Attach a button to the centre of the felt star.

3) Glue the star onto the patterned paper, next to the ribbon bow.

4) Round the two corners of the patterned paper closest to the star, and attach the opposite flat edge to the front of the card.

5) Round the outside corners of the card blank and attach two more buttons to the side of the patterned paper.

Ta da!

Number of items used from stash: 6
Buttons, Paper, Ribbon, Star

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Green

Green and white looks so good together, and it makes a refreshing change to the usual red and green.

White Card Blank
Circle sentiment
Scalloped circle
Foam Pads

1) Attach the ribbon across the bottom half of the card and secure on the wrong side.

2) Using foam pads, layer the Circle sentiment onto the coordinating scalloped circle.

3) Adhere the scalloped circle on top of the ribbon using foam pads.

Ta da!

Number of items used from stash: 3
Ribbon, Sentiment, Circle