Sunday, 26 October 2014

Leavers Dinner

I'm kind of in love with this page, but that may just be because I had the most wonderful night, and these are wonderful people, and I love these colours to death. Also, the colours reflect very nicely with my dress...

I don't do 12x12 pages often, as I find I don't have enough to fill them. However, I wanted this picture (of me and three of my friends before we left for our Leaver's Dinner) large, and it felt balanced when I put it together. It's still not completely finished as I'm looking for something sleek to write a title in, and perhaps to do some journaling in the white space... I'm still undecided, so I might leave it as it is for a while.

You see that black circle? Yeah, that's a piece of plastic that I stole from the DT department. It was perfect and shiny and I thought 'hmmm... that'll come in handy'.

I also really like how the sun caught one of the sparkles on the heart as I was taking the picture.

The paisley pattern on this paper is quite subtle, which adds another dimension to the page without overpowering the other elements

I think cascading embellishments have become a signature of mine - I just love how they look together. Do you have any scrapbooking signatures?

Sunday, 19 October 2014


This picture probably wasn't the best photo ever taken (I didn't take it), as there are so many people that are either mid blink or they have their mouths open, and so on. But, it is a picture of the most wonderful form I ever had, so that of course means it deserves a 12x12 spread of its own. Yes, I am the one in the bright teal shirt.

I tucked a small tag underneath it so that I could do some writing and not spoil the overall image. I used a simple colour scheme that agreed with everybody in the image, and simple embellishments using a few pearls, and some letter stickers. I like this page because it is simple but effective, and it brings back such great memories.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


This is a 12x12 page that I made for my favourite picture of the Hogwarts model from my visit to the Harry Potter Studios. It was a gorgeous, magical moment that deserved its own big page, complete with glitter, gold and sparkles. It's still a little bit unfinished - I need some journaling and possibly a title, but the image really just speaks for itself.

Do you want to know a secret? The background paper is actually a paper bag that my local craft shop gave me when I bought some 12x12 paper. I thought that the pattern was too gorgeous to just throw away! So, I mounted it onto some white card for a bit of rigidity, et voila, a free piece of paper!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


This is a page to document me and my friend Robyn winning a gold medal at our county science Olympiad. We were only little Year 7's back then...

I had struggled to get a decent image of my medal, before I had a brain wave - I photocopied my medal, and the image came out beautifully. I may have to do this with all of my other medals! I took the embellishment ideas from there, mainly, with the theme being gold-ish circles. It's unfinished as it still needs a title and some journaling, but it works well as a page.