Monday, 24 September 2012

Knitting in Potter: Goblet of Fire

Instalment Number 4! Created on a slightly more pressed-for-times basis than the previous ones....
Knitting in this film was a bit sparse. Now, if sewing was my aim,I would be able to give you a plethora of examples - the Yule Ball! I mean, The Yule Ball!!! It was gorgeous...
However, I have managed to find a few...
Hermione has a very pretty pink fair isle... shame that it's a  turtle neck really...

Ron likes stripes.

Neville and a Cardigan! The foundations have been laid!

The uniforms,are pretty much the same as in the third film.
Ginny Weasley... and a very colourful hat (she must take after her mother)

These here have a combination of two elements: the Quidditch world cup supporters scarves,and the Weasley Twins geometric cardigans...
The hats! Look at the Hats! (they have returned....)

My favourite, this time, is a quote. By one of the Weasley Twins. Again. Sorry. Is my obsession showing? It is Knitting related! 0:23

Monday, 17 September 2012

Knitting in Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban

There was a Distinct style change to this film. By this, I am implying the wider use of knitwear - it's Everywhere!
There's a myriad from Hermione and Ron throughout (somehow Harry avoids it...)

I love this part of the film....

Same as in The Leaky Cauldron

Mr Weasley's Red scarf, and Mrs Weasley's Cardigans... again....

And we have a new school Uniform! I like it a lot... the thinner stripes actually make it look more school-ish - The Quidditch Jumpers, however, are still the same.

A change from the grey to black, and only with thin stripes at the cuffs and the hem.
Lupin's Cardigans...

Ron's patch knitted blanket.
Proudly, Neville's first fairisle...
A sign of many great things to come....
But my Favourite (quite possibly as I'm biased) are The Weasley Twin's hats. Or it may just be that I love the Weasley Twins. Either way, they're nice hats.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Craft Review: Week 37: Sunday 2nd - Saturday 8th September

I went back to school this week.
But, it's a new school, and this time, I'm studying A-Levels - they're a lot of work.
Things are going to get a bit more sparse around here - There's only so much one can cope with when they return from school at 6pm, 11 hours after they left...
So, before anyone asks: Physics, Maths, History and Art. So, I'm not being completely hopeless, I do Art every single day.... Every Single Day!!!
The flip side of this is being the only girl in a class of 5 boys in Physics... I'll let you know how that gets on.... It would be better if they even tried to talk to me....
Anywho,back to where we were.
On Monday, before my return, I completed the other petals for mum's poppy. That's all; I still need to stitch them and create the middle, but I have the petals.
Also, on Tuesday, when I got home, I finished knitting a scarf for one of my cousins for either her birthday/Christmas Present.... (Photo unavailable, as mother has squirrelled it away!)
And then we have Art, where, at the moment, we are just drawing/painting/recording ANYTHING that we want AT ALL!!!!
It's just so wonderful.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Knitting in Potter : The Chamber of Secrets

Part 2. If you missed Part 1, see here.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a very school related film. It focuses mainly on their exploits during term time,and very little out of hours is seen. The Hogwarts uniform is prominent,as is the Quidditch kit - seen a record 3times in this film!- There are However,a few pieces before term starts.

The cable Jumpers return, Ron's in the car,and Harry's red one makes a second appearance. Hermione has a sky blue jumper, with a fair isle neckline - hints of things to come - and of course Mrs Weasley. Her Cardigan definitely looks like a stash buster....

You know the scene I mean...with the Diary? Talking to Riddle? Ah, never mind...

In Diagon Alley at the beginning? No, no... just me....

But my best reference to knitting in this film, has to be Mrs Weasley's enchanted knitting needles. Aren't they cool! And the knitting on them is quite pretty as well!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Knitting in Potter: The Philosopher's Stone

To kick off this series, let's start at the beginning. The first film.
Now, the knitwear here seems a tad bit boring/basic - cable jumpers are key, as is the uniform, includng scarves, jumpers, socks and quidditch gear. Then there is Hermione's.... interesting choice of cardigan for descending through the trap door (it was probably one she didn't mind being eaten by Fluffy).

Oliver Wood and his cable Jumper...

First Film Uniform, with thick stripe scarves.

Quidditch Jumpers...
Hermione's... interesting cardigan. And Harry's red cable jumper.
Ron just looks weird.
But, obviously, the best piece of knitting goes to the Weasley Jumpers.... Is there any such icon of Harry Potter, and a Hogwarts Christmas, as this?
Fred and George! Or.. Gred an Forge, depending on how you look at it....
I think not.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Craft Review: Week 36: Sunday 26th August - Saturday 1st September

This week has been very productive on the scarf front.... and lots and lots of wool!
I also made a fair few Christmas cards, and a card for my friend Elega's Birthday.I shall not post them here a) because they will clog up the works, and b) I have a sneaking suspicion that she reads this blog, so I'll only post the card AFTER her Birthday.
I found a gorgeously soft ball of wool in Hobby Craft, and knitted this scarf in about 3 hours (I love big needles...).It was knitted in the same pattern as this:

My finished scarf for my sister.Yes, her Scarf is bigger and longer, but two balls of this wool were the same amount as mine. And Mine's fuzzy.

This may look like a squid,but I promise it isn't. I started knitting my Sister a Weasley Jumper Christmas Decoration, and then lent Mum the needles. Not a good idea.

So I started making a Knitted poppy for Mum (upon request) from this book (20 to make Knitted Flowers, available on Amazon). I just have one petal, but I should most definitely finish by November, for when it is required.

I also started two needle cases: one for Mum, and one for Grandma.

I don't know who will have which yet, and I need to secure the pages inside, possibly with a blanket stitch spine. I got both of the patterns from here, and used the same technique as for my stitched cushions.
 And, of course, my Ravenclaw Scarf. Tada!
Lots of knitting this week.... I return to educationonTuesday,but in a different school. I'm getting very nervous.I hope that I can keep up even a small proportion of the work that I am doing now.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

I Finished It!

I've been working on it since last September, it is fitting that I should finish it now, just as that month restarts. It is fitting, also, as it feels like an epic battle, just like a Harry Potter book, all that occurs from one September to the next.... Slow in the beginning with minor struggles. A bombardment in the middle, tailing off again... finishing with frantic knitting,with over a hundred rows being knitted in the last week alone.
This scarf has been with me for so many different steps in the past year, helped me to survive and carry on. Now,as I open a new Chapter, I hope it will follow me as well (unless I'm not placed in the blue house at my new school...)
In celebration of my finishing of this scarf, I will bring to you a new feature every Monday for the next 2months: Knitting in Potter, looking at the various references and gorgeous knitwear pieces that the films have bought to us, finishing with the culmination-I will be visiting The Making of Harry Potter Leavesden Studio Tour at the end of October!
Where, of course, this little(very long) scarf, will take an outing.

In case you haven't latched on yet, this is my Ravenclaw Scarf. Not finished entirely, admittedly - I would like to add tassel's at some point. But, it works well enough without them.

Pattern came from the Book 'Charmed Knits' by Alison Hansel, and is usually available on Amazon. I used the pattern for years 3-4, purely because I like it better. There are a plethora of different pattern is in a range of different abilities, and I thoroughly recommend it for anyone knitting for a Potter fan.

This has been my faithful WIP for the last Year, I really need another one... small projects cannily sustain so much....Back to the drawing board, I guess...