Tuesday, 25 June 2013

25th:Christmas Card 6

White concertina card (see Christmas card 2 for link to instructions)
Patterned paper
Matching Chipboard, and Chipboard sentiment
Foam Pads

1) Trim patterned paper to fit the inside of the concertina, and attach.
2) Using foam pads, attach first the greeting and then the chipboard decoration from the bottom right upwards.
And that's basically it! I think sometimes you have to let the patterned paper speak for itself. The picture doesn't do it justice, but there are pale pink spots to the background, which make it so delicate and pretty... it's one of my favourite papers to use.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


A Christmas Card

I probably should have added it to my 50 list last week with the spotty gingerbread, but I prefer this one more, so I'm glad I didn't. The design is so girly and pretty. I think I know who I want to give it to too.

The colours are muted traditional colours which are unusual for me, but I like it. And the ribbons and handmade paper add a texture to it that is

This is also going to be linked to the Winter Wonderland Challenge 'Christmas Presents'. I find it a very inspirational site, as I'm still a rather basic card maker. Their cards are always so gorgeous. Something to aspire to perhaps?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


A History Essay Competition.
Back in March, I entered the Vellacott History Prize, with the title 'History is not an Art, it is a Science. Discuss'. I didn't win anything, but was congratulated on the high standard of my writing. Other people had higher standards, so mine was probably middling. But I feel proud having entered it, and having at least one of the Cambridge professors read my work.
The title also connected with me personally, as for my AS subjects,I study both Art and Physics, as well as with my History, so I felt that this essay and research was ideal to help me 'join-the dots'. I am proud of what I've done.
Here is an extract  of my Art section, as I think it will be more appreciated than me waffling about statistical nonsense.
"History, as with art, will also potentially be judged on its merits by the accepted values and beliefs of the time in which it is appreciated, and will go through cyclic fluctuations as to whether it is valued or, alternatively, disliked. History is unlike science in that it has always existed, and events of the past will not change, making it similar to art. Pieces exist and will be respected, much as with historical events, but that does not necessarily mean that they will be liked. It could then be argued that the main aim of the basic study of History is the appreciation of the past, and not necessarily the dissection nor the understanding of the causation. By appreciating the subject at its foundations, the subject entails the curiosity towards the past and to enjoy its discovery. Also, History is far easier to simplify in order to be understood by the general masses - such as with the television series Horrible Histories, which is targeted at younger audiences; than science is, and History can be made increasingly complex for those who wish. The same occurs with the understanding of art. At a basic level it can be valued for its aesthetics, but can be intricately uncovered into a far more complex work. Science is either intricately complex, or does not contain all of the facts. It is limited where History is not."

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Two posts in one day.... What is this tomfoolery?!

I know, I know... I haven't been seen for nearly a month and then.... poof! I'm here and I have ideas and stuff and much to do! And exams are nearly over! I have one more on Tuesday! YAY! Then I can come back and make stuff. Hoorah!

I found a gorgeous blog today. Now. We all know how much I love Christmas. So... I found the Winter Wonderland Challenge Blog and I was in heaven. They post a different challenge every week and you make something Christmassy and link it up!

This week's challenge is 'Spots and Stripes'.
Here is my interpretation:

I love the little Gingerbread man! I used a spotty patterned paper, and a striped border which I shaped for the scarf. I added two stripes of green to tie the two together.

I got a rounded corner punch. It fills me with glee.

Now some may say it's too early for Christmas, but in my opinion,the earlier you start the more you can make - and, as there are no new supplies around this year, the more of your stash you can use up! Which,of course,just means that you go and buy more stuff when they appear on the shelves, but still!


Something from an Alternate fandom
Aah, Doctor Who, how I do love thee....
This is a sleep mask that I made, which I embroidered with the phrase 'Don't Blink',  I really hope that there aren't any Weeping Angels around though, they're terrifying!
I also thought I'd do a few progress shots, as I haven't made anything in a while, and I wanted to make the most of it!

First I drew around one of my existing eye masks, and cut the template out of paper. I seem to be rather unlucky with the masks I use - the elastic always breaks, so perhaps if I can make them, it would be cheaper all around!

I then cut out, using the above template, 2 patterned cotton pieces for the front and back, and a fleecey one for the middle, so it doesn't let light in.

I then embroidered the front...

And promptly started sewing it all together. So much so that I forgot to take a picture of attaching the elastic. Basically, i measured the elastic around my ears, cut it and then attached it my sewing it into the seem as I sandwiched the fleece in the middle.

Turn it all out, hand stitch it closed, and tada!

But Matt Smith is leaving! *tears*

Night Night!

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