Sunday, 29 September 2013

Good Grief, September

It sounds like I should be in a period drama, addressing a girl called September who has just announced a scandal. At least, in my head it does.

So. September has nearly flown away in a blink of an eye and I have barely started my Christmas presents. Don't panic Rachel, not yet, don't panic. I do have excuses to serve them all.

1) I am taking A Levels in History, Physics and Art. These take up time to do the work, but also getting used to the classes again.
2) I have a Physics class of three - me and two boys. One is lovely, one is most definitely not. I'm still getting used to how this is going to work.
3) I had a presentation to give to the governors as part of a prize competition, got very worked up, but hopefully could have clawed it back with my question answering skills.
4) The joys of being upper sixth - Tug of War, Bus Monitor, advice to younger students... Tug of War caused Pain.
5) Volunteering at the National Trust on Saturdays.
6)general life making me tired.

But also, things to be glad about:
Downton Abbey
Chocolate Cake
A Trebuchet
Rail Tickets

So perhaps September has been well balanced. But I must do more crafting...