Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Absence of Craft Review: Weeks 20, 21 and 22.... Resulting in a Wednesday Recap of life.

I'm horrified to say that My New Year's Resolution has finally failed. I have proved to myself that I cannot do a craft related activity every single day, at least not in the lifestyle I currently lead.
This is down to Exams.
I despise them.

So, over the last three weeks, ever since all of my Art has been handed in, and the Exam season fully kicked off, this is the sum total of my Art and Craft:

This is Lonnie. He has been met before.

This is Hana and she's completely awesome, and I NEED to get around to giving her her own post...

This was actually an experiment done on the back of an envelope.... subconsciously inspired by this video

I also Painted the words 'Don't Panic' onto my toes, but I'm not going to show that because I hate my feet.
So yeah. Distinct lack of Craftiness.

So here is a quick review of what I did today:

I revised The Manchurian Crisis and The Italian invasion of Abyssinia.
We Learnt Circle Theorems.
I completed a survey about my school in the most negative way possible.
Me and a Friend went and had Hot chocolate after school.
I had a nap.
I finished The Philosopher's stone on Pottermore (further blog post should/WILL follow).
I will be watching both the New series of Lewis, and the very old series (i.e., the first one, aired 1972) of  M*A*S*H.
And I started insanely tidying my room for no apparent reason.

So I will return to that.

And I will leave you with this short clip of hilarity from said old series of M*A*S*H.

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Woohoo for Exam reprieve!!!!!

This one is Lonnie. He's one of the fighters, and really just one of 'the guys'. He gets on with everybody, pretty much, and is mainly impartial to small tiffs. But, when he can see that something is wrong, he'll stand by his friends over the troublemakers.

He's also a very deep sleeper.

I'm finding with these paintings that I'm gaining more control over my watercolours. That's a nice feeling. I'm beginning to understand them more through my experimentation. I used to be too impatient to let them dry, and all of the would colours bleed.... Here, I'm learning the effect of letting them dry to create layers and colour density..... I'm also getting more used to working in pen, which I actually used to hate...
I drew Lonnie perhaps a bit too small compared to the others, But I suppose that's all part of the learning curve. Proportions and sizing's.
I love doing art. It's just a shame the exams have to take up so much time, work and effort...

" “How the hell did I sleep through all of that? More to the point, how could you let me sleep through it?” He glanced up, eyes daring.
“Simple. You’re scary when woken at ungodly hours, and your body has adjusted so as not to ever let anyone involuntarily witness it” I grinned at him, laughing slightly. He glared and punched me hard on the arm. "

(Matthew in first person, Lonnie referred to in third)

Sunday, 20 May 2012


The foreword to this post is this : I haven't written anything for nearly three weeks due to my Various Forms of Revision-al Obligations. In other words, I'm freaking out over my exams.
So as not to feel like a complete blogosphere reject (which I already do anyway, best not to encourage it), I decided to share what I have been working on over the past few weeks, no matter how boring and irrelevant it may be to most people's lives.

Just to prove that I'm not neglecting this blog, I really am just busy with revision, I decided to show you 2 of my walls. Science and Geography.

The above two are Science. I focused the revision around my periodic table; writing out notes,  making bullet points and quick, snap, post-it notes, and positioning them around it. An example of the latter is the second photo, showing allotropes of carbon.

Geography has an all number of Case Studies, all of which I've written out onto A3 pieces of paper. These now occupy an entire corner of my room....

They work around my world map, which I have stuck colour-coded drawing pins (to represent each different topic) into, showing the locations of all of my various different case studies.

This post has no true purpose, but I thought I'd like to share some of my hard work with the Internet.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Craft Review: Weeks 18 and 19: Sunday 22nd April - Saturday 5th May

I first of all apologise for not doing this last week as I was ill and spent the whole day sleeping in front of the television, watching films. Not that I'm complaining. I became addicted to Marvel films, but mum won't let me go and see The Avengers because my exams are soon. As in, I have 8 days.
That's scary.
This has occurred before, so I will accumulate a list of what I've done mostly in the past two weeks.
  1. Art Exam. Completely and utterly. That sufficed me up until the Thursday of the first week. Mind you, I then switched back to obsessing over my coursework.... Which is due in this Friday. Panic.
  2. I made my best friend a birthday card (rushed) and I didn't get round to taking a photo of it.... It involved a Ravenclaw scarf, painting, Elf Ears, R2D2 and Firnen the dragon from the Inheritance Series. And that was one of the more normal ones I've made for her.
  3. I made one of my owls, for another person's birthday.... There are a lot of birthdays in May

    4.   I painted Kate! I probably should get round to writing some more of that story, or I'll end up losing it...

    5.   I knitted a few rows of my Ravenclaw Scarf, but not enough to make a substantial impact....

    6.   I made fudge with a suspicious recipe that included melting marshmallows at a sleepover... Update may follow!!!

    I do apologise, but that time of year has arrived. Exams.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Kate is the first character to have her chapter... She's the new girl, but her talent is recognised near instantly; it's the reason she was recruited. She is highly gifted in art, and the story will follow the sub-plot of her learning and growing into the role that entails. 

I based Skye on my Art teacher, who is very nice and kind, and very supportive. I wanted a way to remember all of the nice teachers when I left my current school, and this is how. The other two who I based on my other favourite characters are Smith and Shelley - my Biology teacher, and my Form Tutor/English teacher.
Kate is one of my favourite characters, possibly for the previously mentioned reasons.

"Slowly, she picked up the pen, and began to draw a butterfly, first the outlines, then filling in the details with quick, sharp pen strokes. She had seen one in the summer, and its beauty had engrained itself in her brain."