Sunday, 11 September 2011

Georgie's Birthday Presents (shhhhh!)

My friend Georgie's birthday is in November. But, as I like to be prepared, I've already made her presents! (It saves the last minute scrabble for the glue gun)

Georgie wears a lot of these really large Hair-bow-headbands, and I decided to try to make some myself for her. After all, they don't seem to be all too difficult....

This is the first Hairband. It's a turquoise-green colour and has a double bow.


A base headband, preferably in a colour that matches or compliments the bow that is going to be added
50 cm of ribbon about 2.5 cm wide (length and width may vary depending on how large you want your bow to be)
Needle and thread
Fabric Glue
A smaller piece of Ribbon in a similar colour

  1. Fold the larger ribbon into thirds. With the first third, fold in half and stitch together at the join of the end to the centre. With the remaining ribbon, fold in half and stitch the other end to the same point as the first.
  2. Flatten the two loops that you have created with the stitched part in the centre. stitch a line of running stitch across the middle and gather together. Secure the gather.
  3. With the fabric glue, glue the centre of the bow to the hairband.
  4. With the smaller Ribbon, wrap it around both the bow and the hairband twice, fastening them together tightly, so the bow won't slip off with the glue. With the ends of the ribbon, tie in a small bow. Paint the ends of the ribbon and the knot with clear nail varnish to secure.

This blue hairband was done in a near identical way, except it had a wide ribbon wrapped around the bow and is secured only by fabric glue. This one is my favourite.

This has a smaller bow, where the ribbon was only folded in half, stitched and gathered. It is secured to the hairband in the same way as the green hairband.
This one also has a small, choker necklace, whereby I used the remnants of the ribbon, attached sticky Velcro to either end and outlined one of the paisley patterns of the design. I think it looks quite effective.

To see my friend Georgie, check out her YouTube channels:



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