Sunday, 30 December 2012

50 Things to Make in One Year

  1. A Thank You Card
  2. A 'Just because' Card
  3. A Friend Card
  4. A Winter Card
  5. A Spring Card
  6. A Summer Card
  7. An Autumn Card
  8. Mince Pies
  9. Peppermint Creams
  10. Muffins
  11. Brownies
  12. Scones
  13. Biscuits
  14. Cheese Straws
  15. A Sausage Plait
  16. Something Chocolate
  17. A Cushion
  18. A hat
  19. A piece of clothing
  20. A piece of Jewellery
  21. A painting
  22. Something machine  sewn
  23. Something quilted
  24. Something Crochet
  25. Something in an Organised Nature
  26. Something Purple
  27. To become more thrifty
  28. A Children's Picture Book
  29. A Finish to at least one of my ongoing stories
  30. An AS Art Piece
  31. A Successful UCAS Application (It counts, ok?! Shush!)
  32. A Friend
  33. Improve my mentality
  34. An attempt at fashion
  35. Maintain a sketchbook of ideas
  36. A decent Contribution to this Blog

Sort of a New Year's Resolution, but perhaps more keepable than the last one. I was going to go for 52, one for every week of the year, but I figured two weeks off might be a good idea. Plus 50 is a happy number(you can draw a smiley face in the zero). I don't intend on completing one per week, and some may be combined together for ease, but these are my aims for this blog in the next year. And to actually get into the habit of posting again.
Another one of my resolutions is to join in with Creatives Unite by Miss Beatrix more often, instead of just curling up and sleeping on the sofa... Which, although appealing is unproductive and highly impractical when people wish to use said sofa.
And thank you to all who made 2012 a good year, it was difficult and I'm sure the next one won't be much easier, but I guess all we can say is roll on 2013.
Hug Hogwarts. It is good for you.
If not, it will come anyway and just flatten you like a rolling pin and pastry.


  1. This sounds like a fun list, lots of really good ideas here. I look forward to seeing some of them on your blog. Im also planning on taking part in Creatives Unite more often this year, I love Miss Beatrix's blog! Happy New Year x

    1. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you also! I will try and post each time I finish and tick one thing off of my list. Creatives Unite is brilliant,and I love Miss Beatrix's blog too!

  2. Now *this* is an ambitious list - but also probably do-able, and so much fun! Good luck with it all and enjoy it. It is going to be so satisfying to achieve! I'll be doing Creatives Unite when I can too :D

    1. Thank you, it is a bit ambitious, but it can help me when I don't have enough time to just choose and plan what I'll do next. It's something more achievable that on a good week, I can do one of these in an afternoon probably... Creatives Unite is hard though, what with wishing to sleep early for the next school day...