Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Candy Canes

Hello, Christmas cards again!

Look familiar? It is very similar to this one I did last year. A good example of where multiple ideas can spawn from the same items.

Square White Card blank
White Card
Patterned paper
Candy cane embellishment
Mini 'Christmas' tag
Foam pads

1) Trim the spare white card to a 10cm square.

2) Across one side, wrap the ribbon and secure at the back in your preferred method.

3) Attach the Candy Cane embellishment above the ribbon.

4) Adhere the mini tag where the candy cane crosses the ribbon.

5) Trim the patterned paper to a 13cm square, and glue onto the card front. Centre and attach the decorative panel using foam pads.

Ta Da!

Number of items used from stash: 4
Embellishment, Tag, Ribbon, Paper

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