Sunday, 26 October 2014

Leavers Dinner

I'm kind of in love with this page, but that may just be because I had the most wonderful night, and these are wonderful people, and I love these colours to death. Also, the colours reflect very nicely with my dress...

I don't do 12x12 pages often, as I find I don't have enough to fill them. However, I wanted this picture (of me and three of my friends before we left for our Leaver's Dinner) large, and it felt balanced when I put it together. It's still not completely finished as I'm looking for something sleek to write a title in, and perhaps to do some journaling in the white space... I'm still undecided, so I might leave it as it is for a while.

You see that black circle? Yeah, that's a piece of plastic that I stole from the DT department. It was perfect and shiny and I thought 'hmmm... that'll come in handy'.

I also really like how the sun caught one of the sparkles on the heart as I was taking the picture.

The paisley pattern on this paper is quite subtle, which adds another dimension to the page without overpowering the other elements

I think cascading embellishments have become a signature of mine - I just love how they look together. Do you have any scrapbooking signatures?

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