Friday, 19 August 2011

A Dobby Christmas Card

In Memory of Dobby, A Free Elf

This is a Craft Tutorial on how to make this card, which I made for my best friend for Christmas last year:

Card:A5 Green CardA6 Brown paperScrap Green cardBrown Pencil  Christmas Greeting
Insert:Brown paper the same colour as Dobby on the front, slightly smaller than A6Green PenBrown Pencil

Fold the Green Card in half to produce an A6 Card Blank.
Cut from the A6 Brown paper a shape of half of Dobby’s face, roughly triangular with one of his ears.
Cut a circle from the Green scrap card and draw a smaller circle for Dobby’s pupil in it.
Using the Brown pencil, tinge all of the edges around Dobby’s face and draw on his nose, mouth and ear contours
Stick Your Dobby to the front of the Green card blank and add a Christmas Greeting.

Fold the Brown paper in half and stick into the card.
Using the Green pen, on the left hand side of the paper, write ‘Dobby says, “Merry Christmas!”’
If you want, draw a small picture of Dobby in the corner.

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