Friday, 19 August 2011

Hogwarts House Hair Clips

This is a Craft Tutorial that I made for The Leaky Cauldron Crafts, as shown here:
But I will also post it here because I'm bored.


1 sheet of felt for the shield/ background (red, green, blue, yellow)
1 sheet of fabric for the detail (yellow, grey, bronze/grey, black)
Thread (in colours of either your detail felt or background felt)


Lay your hair clip on the back ground felt. Cut a shield shape around it with plenty of room.
Cut another shield shape so that you have two.
From the detail fabric, cut the first letter of the house you’re making the hairclip for, for example ‘R’ and the shape of a golden snitch.
Pin detail to one shield.
Sew detail onto that shield.
On the second shield, cut a small slit so that the back of the clip can come out from the inside.
Take the two shields. Remove the clip from the slot and place both shields right sides together (detail inwards). Sew around the curved parts of the shields.

Turn the shields right way out. Slide the hair clip so that the end hangs out. Sew the top closed.


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