Wednesday, 27 February 2013


A doll.
Meet Flopsy, the Ravenclaw Bunny, my new Blog Mascot! She has blue and white striped tights, and a textured scarf!

I found the Pattern in one of the 'Let's Knit' magazines that I had lying around, and fell in love instantly. Wouldn't you? She's so cute! Knitted using Double Knitting wool and 6mm needles, she didn't take me as long as I expected (I was hoping to get her done before Easter, minimum). If anything, the longest it took me was to knit her final ear, as by that point she was fully assembled and my willpower had somewhat disappeared...
But I am very pleased with my creation,and she is my second item to strike off of my 50 resolutions, which are lagging somewhat, or at least in write ups... but then, I am swamped with work and revision already for my June exams - expect more over my summer holidays good blog people!
I am also in the process of setting up a second blog, with a Wordpress account instead, so that I can record my more cultural thoughts and collate them in one place... so things like ideas from my philosophy club, museum visits, my random historical explorations... please let me know if you would like the address, I'm still working on getting a rota of ideas for it.
Currently, Flopsy is wearing a Jedi costume from my sister's 'build-a-bear-workshop' collection. This pleases me more than you can possibly imagine.


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