Monday, 25 February 2013

25th: Christmas Card 2

Another in my monthly feature - a dash of Christmas among the rest of the year.

A Concertina card or see here to make one (first three minutes only, it was the best one that I found)
Die cut letters
Foam Pads

1) Make sure all of your die cuts are smooth, and none of those fiddly-paper-teary-things are still attached, as they ruin the effect.
2) On the first flap, attach your image with foam pads.
3) Add a contrasting border line following the slanted edge of the card.
4) On the next flap, position and attach the letters with foam pads so that the message is visible when the front flap is closed.

These are particularly good for using up the odd bits and pieces left over, or from a magazine subscription. They could also be replicated by designing and printing your own versions off of the computer.
These really are simple, but often that's all it takes for a bunch of teenagers to squeal and look excited. You just have to find the right ones. My friends, luckily, are just that.

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