Saturday, 30 March 2013


A Bag

This is a very plain tote bag that I made, to give as a gift to a friend. It was very haphazard... I measured nothing, but cut along folded edges and pinned things wonkily together. Well, that'sgenerally how I deal with projects if I have an idea and no paper pattern. I just go for it (non-advisable to anyone who wants to use it as a first project. Then I definitely recommend you measure first). You can't believe it up close; it looks pretty decent. Apart from the fact that the handles don't line up with each other.

The fabric is quite strong canvas material which I found when I got given some fabric. When I say some.... I mean 3 giant bin bags, overflowing with curtain remnants,allabout a metre long. It's gorgeous. I just now have to find projects to use them all for.

A few top tips about finishing the handles:
To prevent fraying of fabric ends, paint nail varnish on the ends. Either the colours or use a clear coat.
Instead of sewing repeatedly around the edges of the handles to hold in place, overstitch with strong thread by hand. It is more discrete,andworks just as well. It's just a bit more time consuming.

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