Saturday, 25 May 2013

25th: Christmas Card 5

Yes, it's May. Shhh!
White Card
Patterned paper
Christmas Topper
Coloured string
Foam Pads
1) Fold the White card into an A5 Blank and turn horizontally.
2) Around the front flap, wrap the string around repeatedly, in different directions, making sure to overlap the strands. Secure with tape on the back of the card.
3) On a separate piece of White Card, attach the topper centrally, and cut a square around it.
4) Trim Patterned paper to a larger square than the topper card,and attach topper card with foam pads centrally onto it.
5) Attach topper to the right of the card using foam pads, allowing the string to splay out either side.
Aaaaaand, Tada!
I very much like this string technique, and the layout is simple enough that you could dress it to the nines if you wanted. It's pretty.

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