Wednesday, 8 May 2013


A Birthday Card
I love Winnie the Pooh. Always have, and probably, always will. I made this for my friend's birthday and when asked by my mother 'Are you sure she likes Winnie the Pooh', I answered pointedly, 'if she doesn't, she should have latched on by now that I do.'
Plus... HOW CUTE IS IT?!?!

A stamp ( I've had this one for years, and am seriously in love with it)
White Card
Coloured card scrap
Brown ink pad
Colouring Pencils
Foam Pads
Gingham Ribbon
1) Ink up the stamp and print a clear image onto a sheet of white card. Trim the image and round the corners.
2) Highlight areas with colouring pencils, such as Pooh, or Piglet, or Christopher Robin's shirt.
3) Cut a rectangle slightly larger than the image and round corners also.
4) Layer the two pieces of card using foam pads, slightly off centre
5) Fold an A5 white card blank, and hold horizontally. Glue the gingham ribbon a third in from the right hand side
6) Attach the stamped image and smile.
All together now 'awwwwwww!'

Why don't people send me nice birthday cards like this? I usually get ones with shoes and handbags on them. I am not impressed.

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