Saturday, 25 January 2014


My first week back at school (which was, admittedly, three weeks ago), meant that I had the delight and pleasure of having to sit my mock exams.
This was really scary.

Admittedly, I only had three of them, and art doesn't really count, but this is the last chance I'm going to get to sit in that hall and practise exam conditions before the summer. Which is a little bit terrifying.
I've always found exams a little daunting, and I full out panicked on my history paper last year, and I have now learnt the hard way that that doesn't work. I'm retaking that paper in the summer, and then I have three others. One A2 History, two A2 Physics papers. Art will already have been completed.
And then it's over.
But that all doesn't really kick off until June-ish, so I've still got time to prepare. Now is the time when I will start bugging my art teachers for how to get extra marks. My History paper was the first time we've ever been given a full thematic question and I need to work on them. Physics, we need to just learn the stuff (yes, it didn't help that topics appeared on our exam that we haven't studied yet).

Before anyone asks, my grades were really good, I got an A in Physics, and was 2% off an A in History, which is fantastic! (Art didn't grade us...)
I can do this. I just need to calm down.

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