Sunday, 12 January 2014

Secret Quilter (16)

I quilt.
And for some reason, I have ever posted them here. I have made a total of five quilts, of which I have three to show you.
This first one is actually my most recent one that I made for my sister for Christmas. It is a Cath Kidston inspired one, as she's obsessed. It's also great, as I hade loads of fabrics that matched her colour scheme. it's my most accurate quilt that I have completed to date, and she loves it.

This is my first quilt, that I made for my Mum, Christmas 2012. She was completely shocked and didn't expect it. The colours are red, with a patterned red and brown swirl fabric. It is backed with fleece and great to cuddle up with.

This last one is one I made for myself, and was made out of scraps that are used as fabric samples. It was great, as the squares were all the same size. I quilted this one by embroidering small crosses at intersections in coloured embroidery thread. It's lovely and colourful, and for that reason it will go with practically any colour scheme, which will be great for university next year (because who knows what colours the rooms will be?!?!).
My fabric stash is huge, but mainly consists of bits that are less than half a metre tall, and making quilts helps me to use all of these up. It's fantastic, and I hope to make many more.
Also, to contribute to my 50 Things to Make (which has now been extended to two years) This is counting as 'Something quilted'.

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