Monday, 16 February 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee... An inspiration


The Great British Sewing Bee is back on our screens!!! YAY FOR CRAFTY TV!!!!

I love watching the sewers every week, running around. I can't imagine how they cope with that sort of pressure - time constrained sewing?! Sounds like hell to me... I always like to take a break, eat a biscuit etc..

Of course, I've chosen my favourites already.
1) Neil. As a military child, of course I have to side with an army man. He uses military terminology (the word 'gopping' when describing the pattern he made his trousers from in week 1) and he is clearly a very skilled sewer. I found him instantly likable
2) Deborah. I love the way she dresses, and her personality is just so much like someone I'd want to be friends with. I love her. While at the moment her pieces have been a bit middling (apart from that beautiful dress from week 1) I really look forward to seeing more from her.

While I doubt I'll ever be good enough to try my hand at anything like the Sewing Bee, to me, it serves one, primary function of inspiring me to take up to my sewing machine and to attempt to sew myself  something that I could feasibly wear.

Now, I'm no beginner sewer, I've been sewing for eleven years. However, I am much more skilled at more, what I would deem 'simple' projects e.g. cushions and quilts. I always seem to get halfway through a pattern and then stop.

But not this time. I am determined. While digging through my stash, I found three uncompleted garments: a shirt that needs basic finishing (which I abandoned because I didn't have any bias binding), one skirt that was left with the pieces darted and tacked but never sewn (I was contemplating how to attach a zip), and another skirt that is basically just a gathered piece of fabric at this time...

I'm going to finish them.

Now that I have all of this time on my hands, and a huge stash of fabric, I thin it's high time that I did some selfish sewing. I'm always making gifts for other people: a quilt for the sister's birthday, a cushion for Mother's Day.... And that's just sewing! Admittedly, I have made myself cushions before, but I so very rarely knit something for myself - my Ravenclaw Scarf was quite an anomaly!!!

So I'm on a mission. To pay myself a little bit more attention. This year is going to be the year I actually make things for myself (I make this statement, because I actually have the time to do it... a novelty to any crafter, I'm sure!)

How about you? What do you think about this season's Great British Sewing Bee? Are you a 'selfish crafter'? I'd love to know.

Love, Rachel.

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