Sunday, 12 February 2012

Craft Review: Weeks 6 & 7: Sunday 29th January - Saturday 11th February

I apologise to begin with, as I was away last weekend, and then digging through two feet of snow to get to the door..... It was.... Interesting, to say the least. So, to remedy my absence (and because I can't remember what happened in the past fortnight, when). I will give you a rundown of what I've made.
Yes, unfortunately, that is me...

1) I finished my Fluffy Scarf!

One 50 gram ball, knitted in Garter, on 7mm needles, with only twenty stitches.

It was nice and simple.

However, while finishing, It did occur to me that the wool not only looks like muted Ravenclaw tones (Blue, plus both book bronze and film silver), but it also looks a bit like the mottled feathers of Buckbeak. So, I now rename the Fluffy Simple scarf, The Buckbeak Scarf.

^Buckbeak====>Scarf ^

2) I made 2 owls and 4 flowers. Random? No.

This was part of my 'Just because', because I only had one flower (which I made in January) and one owl, and I didn't want to wait until after half term... My favourites are the owls... They're so cute!

3) I've done an awful lot of art. Finishing off my coursework, and starting my exam work. It's tiring, but fun, and I love working on it, so I don't mind. I did however, have problems with my circle project on Thursday, because something didn't look quite right. I will have to try and fix it after the half term....

4) I've been taking photos! But they're not very good, and mainly for my art exam work anyway... I did do a drawing on a chalkboard while away, and I wonder whether it's still there... It took ages...

5) I  experimented in painting my nails in different patterns using sellotape.  It sort of worked, but it could have been better, hence why I'm not showing you. you can be assured though, that they are in Ravenclaw colours.

6) Using my owl pattern, I began knitting an R2D2 (Yes, I'm a star wars nerd too...)! I love R2D2, I think he's so cute, and making up a pattern is a lot of fun!

7) I did a marathon 'upload onto DofE' session yesterday, and found a few things which I finished, but never showed you. Perhaps I'll get round to it another day...

I think that's it, but I may have forgotten a few things...

Toodle Pip, for now!

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