Sunday, 26 February 2012

Craft Review: Week 9: Sunday 19th February- Saturday 25th February

I hate going back too school after having a week off.
I feel so tired, and not rested at all. So, I end up starting crafts, but not really finishing them, grabbing time wherever I can... Which isn't much.


I didn't do much... I had coursework prep and last minute bits of homework to finish, and then I fell asleep really early..... I managed one row of my Ravenclaw Scarf.


I added a few rows to my sherbet lemon square, before I got distracted. I was then too tired to do anything afterwards. I hate when that happens.


I spent an hour after school working on my coursework final piece. After 5 hours of controlled assessments in both French and History, I think it was warranted o do nothing else but curl up and cry when I got home.


I did a Historical Art study on Venetian masks for my Art work this week, being very conscious that my lessons were the next day, and I hadn't done much work to my art book over the holidays. I did a few other pieces, tidying up a few loose ends, and all sorts as well. My book is beginning to bulk out, which is very good indeed.


I had my Art lessons today, so I count them. I did an awful lot of painting, both for my exam prep and for my course work's final piece. I have no pictures a) because the coursework piece is not finished yet and b) everything else is exam work, and I'm extremely protective over it.


At the end of the week, I really was ready for the weekend. Having, in that day only, been smacked in the face with a rounders post, a tennis ball and a friends elbow, I went home glad to resting ( I have no bruises, thank goodness). I got home, and I got out my watercolours. I painted four, quite small, very quick roses and added detail with a blue fine liner. I was then faced with the problem as of what to do with them, but at 10 o'clock at night, I couldn't be bothered.


I made the four little free-hand rose paintings into a set of four note cards. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I like the way they turned out, so this may be a new branch for me to experiment in. I'm also going to start looking at whether there is anywhere or anyone who I could sell my paintings to. I think it would give me more of an incentive in this rough time, to do art and take a break, if I got payed for it. Otherwise, every week would turn out like this one, working hard everyday, and and continuing that late into the night.

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