Sunday, 24 June 2012

Craft Review: Weeks 25 & 26: Sunday 10th July - Saturday 23rd July

I seem to be forever apologising here.... But, yet again, I skipped last weeks review and have to bunch it together here.
On the upside, all exams are now finished, I am on leave, the weather is picking up and I have practically nothing to do.
Lots of crafting opportunities.

Week 25, my main craft venture was to make Thank You cards for my favourite teachers. I have always done this, and I felt it necessary to thank and say goodbye to those I have liked the most (so, my french teacher I've pretty much ignored for the past month as I really hated her).

I made Four Cards.

One for my Biology teacher, who is a lovely person, I just hate biology. She's been very supportive, and I think I will miss her most.

One for my Art Teacher, also very supportive, and very kind generally. She's been very helpful the past two years also.

This one is for my English Teacher/Form Tutor. She's a very interesting person, and as crazy as a box of frogs.... instantly likable.

Another thing all three of the above have in common is that they each inspired a character in my story...

Lastly, my Geography Teacher, who was a family friend. She eventually got used to me knowing all of the answers...

This week I added 16 rows to my Ravenclaw scarf. I figured out that that means I have 156 rows left. I should finish before Christmas......

I also cut out from the pattern and sewed the side seams for a skirt... Looking at it now, I realise it looks slightly 1940's schoolgirl-ish. I think it's cool.

Hopefully I'll have a more productive week this week, in my first full week of freedom....

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