Saturday, 5 January 2013

Camera Experiments: Twelfth Night

I never got around to showing you Christmas in my house. We love Christmas. Everything is sparkly and there isn't a room left untouched- we even wrapped tinsel around the shower rail this year! These are just a few glimpsed pictures of our tree as we packed it away, wrapping each of the baubles and decorations up carefully for next year. Some of these in particular, I wouldn't mind using as Christmas cards next year, experimenting with photo's on cards.

What makes Christmas so magical, to me at least, is the look on people's faces as they unwrap a handmade gift, or open a handcrafted card. Their faces light up with the realisation of the time and care it must have taken and they look at it in a completely different light than they did before. I gave felt hearts to most of my friends at school, and they spent the rest of the day with them tied around their necks by the wool I wrapped them in tissue paper with. It made me feel so proud that I had made so many people happy because of something that took me barely a quarter of an hour to make. What's funny though,I don't know anybody else of my age that makes gifts, at least, not at my school(s, if we're counting my previous one). Maybe I'm a bit strange in that way. But that's something I can live with. If I can make other people happy, I'm happy.

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