Saturday, 19 January 2013

Similarities and Differences: The Houses of Parliament

A year and a half ago, I visited London to view an art exhibition in the Tate Britain with my family. We had lunch by the river, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Being the arty person I was, I sketched it in the about 30 minutes - ish. This photograph is terrible.
 So, when I had decided to study buildings for this project, I reverted to that sketch.I 'm not proud of these two pages particularly - they really could've been done as one page with lots of flaps and swinging things.
I tried a variety of different studies for media, neither of which I really liked, so I said that in my annotation. It proves selective thinking and an ability to form opinions and reasons.

I then did a page with reference to the Strasbourg seat of the EU Building,which, is very different. Much as I am iffy about modern art, so am I about modern buildings,and I said so. This particular building appears to be unfinished, for example! I also did a page of artist research on Monet's Parliament paintings.

I love Monet - his technique and the overall feeling of his paintings. I did a study of the painting in oil pastels (below), and I felt rather proud. This led me on to look at more old buildings, and at their features, as,although it is a brilliant painting, this one is only a silhouette. The real magic is in the sky and the river.

Bad photos again, sorry.

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