Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Challenging Challenge

About a month ago, Claire from Claire's Craftroom set up a creative challenge, where she sent us each a picture and a colour and we had to make something inspired by the two. I got sent these:

Now, I struggled. I left it until the very last minute because it was out of my comfort zone - as a crafter I rarely use nature scenes to inspire, in fact I am, by definition, a nerd crafter usually. Or, at least, abstract novelties (such as my felt hearts) are more my thing.

But I couldn't do that this time.

So, I stuck to it as literally as I possibly could, and thanked goodness that I was half decent at painting.

I was very taken with the image of the gate though, so I chose to incorporate it into the painting. I used a piece of fabric in an attempt to incorporate the colour I was given. It gives the image a  more autumnal field. To try and make it more interesting, I frayed the edges to give the image some texture.

So while I found it challenging, I managed to get past it, and found it enjoyable despite it all, and I look forward to the possibility of joining in with subsequent challenges.


  1. You may be out of your comfort zone, but the finished piece is warm and comfy looking - I wouldn't mind spending an autumn afternoon in that location. The fringed edges were the perfect finishing touch, too.

  2. What a fantastic result! It really is beautiful. Thanks so much for playing along xx

  3. I would love to open the gate and walk through the field that you have created.