Friday, 26 September 2014

Of the Night: Chapter Ten - Fanfiction Friday

Welcome back to Fanfiction Friday! I've started here with a set of drabble's, a drabble being a short story of 100 words exactly, no more, no less.

This story is called Of the Night, and can be read fully here. Each chapter is unrelated, and this story is continually growing. It is a Star Trek: Voyager story, and explores small moments that I believe could have occurred between Captain Kathryn Janeway and her First Officer, Commander Chakotay, if the show had decided to explore their relationship, rather than ignoring it as they did. They all take place either at night or in the early hours of waking. Enjoy!

Previous Chapters: 123456, 7, 8, 9

“You woke us up for this?"

"Us, Sir?" Harry asked tentatively.

"The captain is a lighter sleeper than I am. If you wake me, you'll rouse her too." Chakotay chuckled as he watched the younger man flush red, stuttering and stammering. The sensors had detected an asteroid belt that would mean extending course by another five months. Harry hadn't wanted to make that decision alone. Chakotay patted the ensign on the back in amusement, before turning back to the turbolift.

"Divert course and we'll pretend that this conversation never happened."

"Aye, Sir." Harry sank back into the captain's chair, mortified.

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