Sunday, 21 September 2014

Primary School 1

These are my Class Photos from my first Primary school. I remember only bits and pieces from these years, which is why they're so crammed together. There's a small journaling space that I still have to fill in. I took the colour scheme for this double page from the curtains in the background, which were made out of quite possibly the most hideous pattern this world has ever seen. That combined with the sheer number of faces, proved tricky to try and not overwhelm the page.

As I had very few embellishments to match that curtain,  I got a bit creative. Plain flowers I just about got away with, but I found that buttons are ideal. You can colour co-ordinate them with nearly anything, as they come in nearly every colour! I liked using the buttons on this page as it added texture, but didn't overpower the busy picture.

The pattern of the paper on the previous page is continued onto this one through the patterned button, tying the two pages together.

So, the way to cope with busy pictures is to keep the background and embellishments simple, and to link a double page spread subtly.

If anyone is able to guess correctly which child is me, well done indeed!

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