Friday, 2 March 2012

Richmond Castle : Surfaces

This is another installation for my Art Coursework Archive.
Double page spread

This Coursework Theme was Surfaces, which was very vague and could have led to pretty much anything. I decided to take a walk down the historical route.

My first set of pages focused in Richmond Castle and its ruins, in Yorkshire. I visited there when I was 11, and one of the pictures inspired me.

I completed several studies, in different media, including charcoal, tonal pencil, oil pastel and acrylic paint. My favourite was the charcoal, as it managed to capture fully the rocky nature of the... well, rocks!

This isn't necessarily my proudest drawings or page that I've ever created, but it serves as a grounding to prove to myself just how much I have improved.

Pencil tonal study.

My favourite. A quick Charcoal study, with the addition of the photograph.

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