Saturday, 5 May 2012


Kate is the first character to have her chapter... She's the new girl, but her talent is recognised near instantly; it's the reason she was recruited. She is highly gifted in art, and the story will follow the sub-plot of her learning and growing into the role that entails. 

I based Skye on my Art teacher, who is very nice and kind, and very supportive. I wanted a way to remember all of the nice teachers when I left my current school, and this is how. The other two who I based on my other favourite characters are Smith and Shelley - my Biology teacher, and my Form Tutor/English teacher.
Kate is one of my favourite characters, possibly for the previously mentioned reasons.

"Slowly, she picked up the pen, and began to draw a butterfly, first the outlines, then filling in the details with quick, sharp pen strokes. She had seen one in the summer, and its beauty had engrained itself in her brain."

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