Sunday, 6 May 2012

Craft Review: Weeks 18 and 19: Sunday 22nd April - Saturday 5th May

I first of all apologise for not doing this last week as I was ill and spent the whole day sleeping in front of the television, watching films. Not that I'm complaining. I became addicted to Marvel films, but mum won't let me go and see The Avengers because my exams are soon. As in, I have 8 days.
That's scary.
This has occurred before, so I will accumulate a list of what I've done mostly in the past two weeks.
  1. Art Exam. Completely and utterly. That sufficed me up until the Thursday of the first week. Mind you, I then switched back to obsessing over my coursework.... Which is due in this Friday. Panic.
  2. I made my best friend a birthday card (rushed) and I didn't get round to taking a photo of it.... It involved a Ravenclaw scarf, painting, Elf Ears, R2D2 and Firnen the dragon from the Inheritance Series. And that was one of the more normal ones I've made for her.
  3. I made one of my owls, for another person's birthday.... There are a lot of birthdays in May

    4.   I painted Kate! I probably should get round to writing some more of that story, or I'll end up losing it...

    5.   I knitted a few rows of my Ravenclaw Scarf, but not enough to make a substantial impact....

    6.   I made fudge with a suspicious recipe that included melting marshmallows at a sleepover... Update may follow!!!

    I do apologise, but that time of year has arrived. Exams.

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