Saturday, 26 May 2012


Woohoo for Exam reprieve!!!!!

This one is Lonnie. He's one of the fighters, and really just one of 'the guys'. He gets on with everybody, pretty much, and is mainly impartial to small tiffs. But, when he can see that something is wrong, he'll stand by his friends over the troublemakers.

He's also a very deep sleeper.

I'm finding with these paintings that I'm gaining more control over my watercolours. That's a nice feeling. I'm beginning to understand them more through my experimentation. I used to be too impatient to let them dry, and all of the would colours bleed.... Here, I'm learning the effect of letting them dry to create layers and colour density..... I'm also getting more used to working in pen, which I actually used to hate...
I drew Lonnie perhaps a bit too small compared to the others, But I suppose that's all part of the learning curve. Proportions and sizing's.
I love doing art. It's just a shame the exams have to take up so much time, work and effort...

" “How the hell did I sleep through all of that? More to the point, how could you let me sleep through it?” He glanced up, eyes daring.
“Simple. You’re scary when woken at ungodly hours, and your body has adjusted so as not to ever let anyone involuntarily witness it” I grinned at him, laughing slightly. He glared and punched me hard on the arm. "

(Matthew in first person, Lonnie referred to in third)

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