Sunday, 20 May 2012


The foreword to this post is this : I haven't written anything for nearly three weeks due to my Various Forms of Revision-al Obligations. In other words, I'm freaking out over my exams.
So as not to feel like a complete blogosphere reject (which I already do anyway, best not to encourage it), I decided to share what I have been working on over the past few weeks, no matter how boring and irrelevant it may be to most people's lives.

Just to prove that I'm not neglecting this blog, I really am just busy with revision, I decided to show you 2 of my walls. Science and Geography.

The above two are Science. I focused the revision around my periodic table; writing out notes,  making bullet points and quick, snap, post-it notes, and positioning them around it. An example of the latter is the second photo, showing allotropes of carbon.

Geography has an all number of Case Studies, all of which I've written out onto A3 pieces of paper. These now occupy an entire corner of my room....

They work around my world map, which I have stuck colour-coded drawing pins (to represent each different topic) into, showing the locations of all of my various different case studies.

This post has no true purpose, but I thought I'd like to share some of my hard work with the Internet.

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