Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to Scrapbook without a Scrapbook

Odd title, yeah?
Well here's the thing. I recently got into scrapbooking, but I am not one for buying new items for my stash...I swore off doing so last October. So, when I found my new crafty pastime, I held a bit of a dilemma. And here is my solution.
Who says you have to use big 12x12 albums? Who says everything has to be branded? So here it is. Not a Project Life, or a SMASH or anything in sight. This is how I do it.
I have two scrapbooks.
My weekly scrapbook I have already spoken about here.
This has basically turned into a weekly journal, with a lot of patterned paper, and I like the regularity of it.
But this is my favourite:

This is a Paperchase Ringbinder that once held my Maths notes, but it was far too pretty for that purpose. It takes A4 plastic wallets, which fit perfectly, A4 pieces of paper, and white A4 Card is cheap!

See! A4 pages are just as pretty!!! I can add embellishments, and fit photos and everything that a scrapbook page needs, in a smaller space, and it still works.

However, if a square format would still be preferable, that is possible too. 8x8 pages can be incorporated by merely trimming a plastic wallet down to size. My paper trimmer did it easily. Just measure, line up, and roll.
I hope this gives some people inspiration of how to go about scrapbooking even on a tight budget. Also, with the Hunger Games page, perhaps it could serve as an inspiration to document events that don't have photos.
Let me know how you go about saving memories below!

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