Friday, 18 April 2014

Shoes and Shirts and Bumblebees!

Warning: Picture heavy
I have a bad/good habit when it comes to shopping, in that I won't spend money during term time, but will then buy a lot in the space of a week's holiday.

As evidenced here.
I've had difficulties recently with transitioning from Winter to Spring, and so these new pieces are here to help me (I can't hide in jumpers all year round...). Also, my mama helped pay!
So today I thought I'd share what I bought recently. Let me know which one is your favourite!
A pair of navy and tan wedges from Sainsbury's, £18

Red pumps from Matalan, £8

Black and White patterned Ballerina Flats from New Look, £9.99

Mint Gingham Shirt from Matalan, £8

Floral Boxy Shirt from New Look, £17.99

Dotty Shirt from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill, £20
Bumblebee earrings from Dorothy Perkins, £5

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