Sunday, 27 July 2014


This is a three page spread that I did of one of my friend's birthday picnics, and it's actually one of the first pages I did to get myself back into scrapbooking.

In full style of using up my stash, I found that I couldn't create the title that I wanted out of any one set of letter stickers. So, I compromised and used three contrasting elements to give a different effect. The eclectic mix of textures and fonts also helps to show how fun the afternoon was.

I had a lot of pictures to get through, so I made this photo strip at the bottom, in order to use multiple pictures without overpowering the page. The large picture has also been focused by a helpful frame.

As embellishments, I kept them quite similar, with the same themes running through all three pages, mainly that of the green, the bobbled texture, and the doily's. I also used a calendar cut out and circled the date in order to remember when it occurred.

This third and final page has a lot of negative space and my journaling on it. Each page shows a different part of the day, and I love these photos. Again, the themes are carried forwards

And there we have it, my first 'layout'. I find that using A4 pages is more versatile than a square, as there is a greater variety of papers that can be used, and they're cheaper. I have drawers full of A4 paper, but very little of anything larger than that. Also, I find that it's easier to balance the pages, as there is a distinct 'top' and a distinct 'bottom'. I would highly recommend using a rectangle paper for a scrapbook.

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