Sunday, 17 August 2014

50's Swing

Firstly, this picture has been smudged as it had an address on it.
This was the next pair of pages that I created, showing another Birthday party! It seems that that's all I seem to be doing in my scrapbooks, doesn't it? This one was a 50's themed party in a Village hall, and it was a great night.
I experimented a bit with tilting images, which I am ultimately not fond of, but with the white space and embellishments in the corner, I will admit that it does work in this context. The solid line of washi tape at the bottom of the page also helps to ground it.

This is a gorgeous silver charm that I found in my stash, and I think it works wonderfully as a part of the layout.

The second page is a photomontage of crazy people, as well as some journaling. I used the same washi tape and buttons in order to organise the grid, as some of the images were smaller/larger than others. These elements helped to level that out and cover up those little mistakes.

The colour scheme is actually taken from the dress I was wearing, which is going to be another page, but I haven't printed the picture out for that one yet... But, as a double page spread, these two pages work well to gether to convey what a lovely night it was

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