Saturday, 16 August 2014

Good news!

Well, recently, this blog became three years old! I think that in itself is a great cause for celebration. However, there are so many other things I think that need to be mentioned as this has been a very happy week for me.
Firstly: my three years blogging. It's been varied and a weird mix of so many different styles, and it's honestly embarrassing to look back at some of those first posts, but three years is a great achievement. I love seeing how my craft techniques have evolved, even my photography, and the wide range of subjects and topics covered here.
Second: I achieved 30 followers on bloglovin! I was so happy. I know to some people that's not a lot, but it is to me, so I would like to take this chance to thank all of you who follow this blog, it does mean so much to me.

Third: I have 50 pinterest followers! I don't even know when that happened, I just noticed this morning. Thank you so much to everyone if you're following me on pinterest, it means a lot, especially seeing as so many of you allow my indulgences into Star Trek 'shipping!
Finally, but by no means least: I got into my first-choice University!!! I managed to pull out A-Level Results of AABB, including an A in History, which made me so delighted. I can't wait to go and study the past permanently! I am over the moon, and I've had a permanent smile on my face since I found out on Thursday morning.
So this has been a mighty good week! I hope to bring you more blog things in the near future, but who knows what this next year will bring - perhaps I'll go into a completely different branch of blogging all together? Who knows. I'm happy and that's all that matters.

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