Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Reading...

It seems there was a theme this year when people were buying my Christmas Presents... Craft Books. And I love them. I want to try EVERYTHING within them (well, not quite. I don't particularly feel like making a cross-stitched sardine cushion (?)). So, My New Year's Resolution, which I will start early, is that I will make something, or at least contribute to making something, every single day. It's a tall order, but I'm determined to do it, even if it means that I only do one row of knitting per day (I'll finish that Ravenclaw scarf eventually).
I will also do a review of each Craft Book I have received, and the projects within them. As a taster, these are the ones I could find while I had my camera:

Kirstie Allsopp's CRAFT book
Projects I like the look of: Bubble Coasters, Stack and Whack quilt, Felt Heart, Paper Bead necklace, Handmade paper, Ice-cream balls, Ribbon Rose, Lavender Bath Creamers, Silver Button Medallion.
How To Knit, D&C
Projects I like the look of: Garter Stitch Scarf, Ribbed Tube Socks, Ballet Slipper Bling, Sequined Knitted Throw.
The Make-It-Yourself Gift Book, Reader's Digest
Projects I like the look of: Chic Fabric Necklace, Traditional Rag Rug, Place mats for a Country Kitchen.
Twenty to Make: Fabric Flowers, Kate Haxell
Projects I like the look of: EVERYTHING! Seriously, this book is AMAZING and there are so many beautiful projects, but I particularly love Vintage Flower, Embroidered Daisy, Flower Cuff, Naive Felt Flower, Patterned Daisy.
Compendium of Knitting Techniques, Betty Barnden
This one is a bit of an instruction manual, and doesn't have projects, but for this reason, is quite possibly the most useful book I've received. It will help me learn all I need to know for my Knitting (hopefully).
So watch this space! There may soon be a dramatic influx in the amount of Craft which occurs in my life, despite the looming horror of OWL's (Exams).

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