Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Look what I found!

I found these in a drawer the other day while clearing my cupboards out
I made that! About two years ago.... It used to work, all of the electric wiring's etc. It's a steady hand game whereby you have to get all the way across the metal loop without touching it with the handle. If you did, a little LED in the wand lit up. Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore, one of the components has snapped off and i can't remember where it goes. I made it in school, in woodwork, and I was very proud of it, as it was one of the only projects that I made that ACTUALLY ever a) got finished or b) worked.
This is a wooden 'jumping toy'. It was meant to be a golden snitch, but I didn't finish this one, and it never worked anyway...
The top always fell off because it was too heavy. This picture shows the 'mechanics' behind it - two circles bouncing up and down (I can't remember the correct term for it). Either way, it failed. Dramatically.
So, unfortunately, these will be finding their way to the recycling/rubbish bin as I can't see any more use for them. Shame, but I wanted to archive them anyway.

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