Friday, 30 December 2011

This is Dangerous....

My primary knitting centres around 1 topic: Harry Potter. I am knitting my scarf, and my quilt.
The scarf I have a pattern for.
The quilt, I do not. I have to gather patterns myself.
So, imagine my amazement when I found that the Victoria and Albert Museum Website can create a pattern (albeit a quilt one) from a photo that you uploaded.
This opens up a world of possibilities.
You could choose to make a quilt with someones face on it by using each square as it's meant to be, with one block colour, or you can choose to formulate it into a stitch guide for one single square.
Very Dangerous.
Especially with me.
And my Quilt.
So guess what I spent two hours doing yesterday?!
Just one out of 32...
I'm going to be having fun with some knitting....
Obviously, the patterns need to be adjusted slightly as  I cannot do half stitches.

As I said.

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