Monday, 12 December 2011

My Harry Potter House Bookscarf pattern

This is for people, like me, who are beginner knitters, can't knit on the round, don't even understand the concept of dpns and just want  to knit a nice little Harry Potter bookmark.

You will need:
Wool in the colours of your Hogwarts House (red and gold/yellow for Gryffindor; blue and bronze/silver/white for Ravenclaw; green and silver/white for Slytherin; yellow and black for Hufflepuff)
Knitting needles of choice (I used 4mm, but I'm sure it would work with most needle types (you'd just end up with a bigger scarf))
A  crochet hook (don't ask me what type, I have no idea... I just found a plastic one in the drawer and used it)
A tapestry needle (for weaving in ends)

CO 7 stitches in Main Colour (red;blue;green;yellow)
Rows 1-8  Knit all Stitches

Stripe Pattern
Change to Second Colour
Rows 9-10  Knit
Back to Main Colour
11-12  Knit
Change to Second Colour
13-14  Knit
Back to Main Colour
15-22  Knit

Repeat Stripe Pattern With 8 Main Colour Rows after 3 times more, so that you have four blocks of stripe pattern, and 5 blocks of the Main Colour
Cast Off.

Attach the fringe by cutting 3inch pieces and tying them through the Cast On and Cast Off edges
Weave in all ends (apart from the fringe!)
And place inside your favourite Harry Potter Book.

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