Monday, 12 December 2011

It's Christmas time!!!

Christmas.Now around this time of year, I can just feel the creative juices oozing simply EVERYWHERE. Nice word, oozes.....
And one of the first ways to show people you're Crafting talent, is to make them Christmas cards!

I've been making cards for over 5 years now, and I still believe them to be childish, but I hope they can be an inspiration...
Now these photos are what I would call difficult... they all ended up aligning with the side. I think it calls for a vague multi craft tutorial....  For those that are simple enough.                                                                        For this card, I used a white blank and some die-cut circles, I arranged the circles into a Christmas tree shape (triangle with stalk below) and stuck them on using 3D foam pads.

This one has a complex structure in its make up, but is very simple in decoration. I added a border along the bottom of the front flap, and a tag stuck above it to only the front flap, but so that it over laps onto the second. This restrains the movement, just enough so that it can stand up properly.
On a blank, attach a strip of Red patterned paper, or one of any co-ordinating colour. Find and image to attach centrally, and add a greeting .
To 2/3 of a white  card, starting from the right hand side, attach a piece of patterned paper. add a border that runs vertically down the join. To this join, attach a motif that co-ordinates with the paper. Add some gems in the bottom left corner.
This card incorporates a Hufflepuff version of My Harry Potter House Bookscarf pattern . I cut a 4.5 cm x 0.5 cm slit, 4 cm from the tom of the card to thread the knitting through. Beneath the line, I stitched one row of running stitch in the same yellow wool. I then inked a greeting and slotted the scarf into place.
On a square blank, attach a strip of patterned paper. On top of this, add a square of a different patterned paper. within this, cut a square of the first patterned paper and align with the strip to give the illusion of an aperture. Attach a felt tree and adorn with gems, on the tree, and in each of the four corners.
Separately, attach a purple square of glitter paper to a square of silvered shiny paper. attach a ribbon vertically around them. Adhere to the card blank. Attach a greeting, and a silver Christmas tree  to mirror the base.
Attach One Red square to the card, and layer a patterned one above it. Attach a motif to the centre of the patterned paper. Around the edges of the central point, perform a simple running stitch in a co-ordinating red embroidery thread.
On a piece of yellow card, attach a ribbon vertically. at the central point of this ribbon, create a cluster of other, co-ordinating ribbons, and add a greeting. Attach a motif to  conceal the ends. Adhere the entire section to the card blank.
Attach a Ribbon vertically down the centre of the card. Layer a square of card, and then a frame onto the ribbon. Within the frame, attach your chosen motif.
Attach a piece of coloured card with a ribbon tied around it vertically. Let the ribbon ends fly loose. Attach a tag to the ribbon to make it look like a present, and place a snowflake at the foot of the card.

Edit: I have uploaded a video, showing the variety of cards I created this year to my youtube channel, LikeYodaSpeakI, some of which are not included here. It's not a craft tutorial, just an ideas video.

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