Sunday, 8 January 2012

Craft Review: Week 2: Sunday 1st January 2012 - Saturday 7th January 2012


Today, being New Year's Day, I didn't get much crafting done, except for a few rows of my simple Fluffy scarf.


I did work today, in one of my last free days before school restarted.

I did an artist research of the Japanese Print Maker, Hiroshige, for my art project. I picked out a building in one of his prints for my study.


I was running all over the place helping my Grandma today, so I only managed a few rows of my Ravenclaw scarf today. (I also started Reading Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, the last in the Eragon series. It's so good!!!)


I went back to school today. Oh dear. But, I did find this notebook at the bottom of my bag. It's my ideas book, my mood book, my inspiration. It was a pretty expensive notebook as well... £10 from WHSmith... But it is beautiful. If I find anything interesting in a magazine or in leaflets, I cut it out and stick it in here. As you may be able to tell by the various loose pieces of paper which protrude from its side, I haven't stuck much down for a while...

This is one of the pages I started working on today. Soft delicate pinks hinted with femininity. It's a beautifulcombination and conjures up for me the smell of soft roses lillies and irises...


I had art today. All in all, I think I calculated 5 hours of it. Most of it was drawing circles.... I will not show you now, but in my myriad of coursework posts. Because I really do love my art.


I had mild concussion after being hit in the head with someone's elbow. I think I'll let myself off.


I had to record myself speaking french for my french teacher -.- unimpressed. But, I did manage to do a little drawing.
She is different to what I would usually draw, and most certainly how I would usually draw. I'm used to drawing photorealistically, but this soft childish cartoon, has something quite charming to it.

I named her innocence, because that is the air I get from her. She is simple, and young, and she seems so shielded and happy.

I may start drawing like this more often.

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