Thursday, 19 January 2012

Henry Moore: Artist Study

Artist Studies are one of the key elements in GCSE Art. The first one we looked at was Henry Moore.
Most people looked at his sculptures, but I was intrigued by his paintings.

To the right is the double page spread that I produced. I loved the mystery within the receding depths, the concentric circles which darken and lead who knows where.

For a good artist study, you need the name of the artist and the piece, at least one good quality picture, a description, an analysis of the work, and a study.

The technique I used for my study is called 'oil resist' I drew in shapes and tone with oil pastels, and then painted in watercolours the other varying tones, mainly adding in the blue hues. I used the same technique to decorate the information page

My study looks a bit different to the original. It's lighter, for one thing. And to me, that section holds an intrigue to it... It looks like it could be a tunnel leading somewhere, the inside of a black hole, the underneath of a crested wave, a time vortex, who knows?! It's intricacies look so difficult, yet it was easy to make. I love it.

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